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The documentation is being reworked, piece by piece. In the meantime, you can browse the old documentation.

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The VEAF Mission Creation Tools provides tools and scripts designed to easily create, share and maintain dynamic missions.

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Our GitHub repositories:

What do I need to start?

You’ll need to set up an environment, on your PC, with specific (free) software.

Read this page for more information.

What tools are there and how do I use them?

The VEAF Mission Creation Tools provides a lot of tools and scripts.

Most of them are meant to be used in the mission build pipeline (i.e., by a mission maker working on a mission, read the mission maker documentation), but some can be used as standalone tools:

How do I use the VEAF scripts in a mission I want to design?

Please read the mission maker documentation.

For those looking for a quick start, fork or download the mission converter and follow the instructions of the file. You’ll learn how to can use the VEAF Mission Creation Tools in your own existing mission.

You can also fork or download the demo mission to see what can be done (usually only the latest features are demonstrated here), and the VEAF Caucasus training mission which is a very complex, open and dynamic training mission that uses a lot of the features.

How do I contribute to this wonderful repository?

First, thank you!

We always welcome help and new ideas.

Please always use branches and pull requests! Start with forking the VEAF-Mission-Creation-Tools repository, create a branch, hack away and publish your work.

I want to help maintain the documentation!

The easiest way of doing this is by editing the files directly on the Github website.

But you can also fork the main repository.

I need to add new features or correct bugs in the scripts!

Please read the programmer documentation.


Made and maintained by the Virtual European Air Force, a French DCS pilot community.

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