This module helps place a Forward Armament and Refuel Point (FARP) in a mission. It also helps with grass runways (hence its name). The mission creator simply has to place one or few units in the DCS mission editor, and name them following a specific convention; the script will then automatically find and dress these units up at mission start.

How to set up a mission

Let’s start by saying that you can clone the VEAF-Demo-Mission repository and use it as an example (or fork it and create a new mission from your fork).

Load the script and its prerequisites

In DCS mission editor, set up a “mission start” trigger that will :

  • load the following scripts (in order) :
    • mist.lua (from the community folder)
    • veaf.lua
    • veafGrass.lua
  • run the following lua code : veafGrass.initialize();

Place the units in the mission

There are two naming conventions that you can use with this script:

  • units with “FARP " in their name will trigger the creation of a FARP; tents and other static objects like generators, ammo dumps, a windsock will be placed around the unit; supply vehicles (mandatory for rearming, refueling and getting external power) will be spawned; the FARP will also be added to the named points database (see namedPoints)
  • units with “GRASS_RUNWAY” in their name will trigger the creation of a grass runway by replicating the unit to form two parallel lines, add a guard tower, a windsock and also add the grass runway to the named points database (see namedPoints)

How to use in a mission

Nothing to do ; at mission start the script will automatically run, and then the FARPs and grass runways will be available for the players.