This module allows the players to manage a Close Air Support mission at runtime.

The mission is created by placing a marker with a specific command (see Concepts / F10 map user marks)

Example : _cas, defense 3, size 5

How to set up a mission

Let’s start by saying that you can clone the VEAF-Demo-Mission repository and use it as an example (or fork it and create a new mission from your fork).

Load the script and its prerequisites

In DCS mission editor, set up a “mission start” trigger that will :

  • load the following scripts (in order) :
    • mist.lua (from the community folder)
    • veaf.lua
    • veafRadio.lua
    • veafCasMission.lua
  • run the following lua code : veafRadio.initialize();veafCasMission.lua.initialize();

How to use in a mission


The veafCasMission module is managed by creating markers, which names should follow a specific syntax (see next headings).

This syntax is composed of a mandatory instruction (at the beginning) and mandatory or optional (depending on the instruction) parameters separated by commas.

Example : _cas, defense 3, size 5

For more informations about markers, see Concepts / F10 map user marks

Radio menus

The radio menu, when a CAS mission is active, contain the following commands:

  • Target information: get a report about the battle zone (coordinates, weather, enemy units)
  • Skip current objective: cancel the CAS mission and clean up all the spawned units
  • Request smoke on target area: pop a smoke at the barycenter of the spawned units (the menu will change to Target is marked with red smoke until the smoke runs out)
  • Request illumination flare over target area: send an illumination flare above the battle zone (the menu will change to Target area is marked with illumination flare until the flare runs out)


The command that will create a CAS mission is _cas

The options are the same as the ones in the veafSpawn module for spawning dynamic groups.

Specifically, the act of creating a CAS mission starts with the spawning of a dynamic full combat group