Demo mission


The demo mission is a project in the VEAF GitHub repository that can be forked to serve as the basis of a new mission using the VEAF Mission Creation Tools. It does not include all the features of the tools; for a more in-depth example, you can check the VEAF-Open-Training-Mission repository.

How to set up a mission

Start by forking or cloning the VEAF-Demo-Mission repository. You can then use the files you cloned as an example, or use your fork to create a new mission.

The missions in the VEAF GitHub repository have all been created with this method.

Set up your shop

To set up the mission builder workshop, please refer to this explanation

Make your mission

Simply use the DCS mission editor to edit your mission.

Refer to the modules specific documentation for more information on how to configure and use each specific feature.

Also, you can refer to this explanation for a detailed insight on how the demo mission is set up.

Remember, you can contact us if you need help: