Radio menus

Some of the VEAF Tools scripts add entries to the DCS communication menu (a.k.a the radio menu).

This is the tree-like menu that the player can use to communicate with ATC, the AWACS, the ground crew and other actors in the DCS mission.

The last option in the main menu is always “F10. Other”. All the custom radio menus will be grouped here.

So, in order for the player to interact with the VEAF scripts using the radio menu, s┬Ěhe will have to:

  • press the “communication menu” key (default is “*")
  • press F10 to open the “F10. Other” menu
  • find out what function key is linked to the VEAF menu (it depends on its position in the list) and press it
  • interact with the different modules (each has its own submenu in the VEAF menu) in the same way